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Some of the most inspirational films are available on Dream Racer TV.  Our films serve a purpose that go beyond entertainment -- they are truly inspirational, show ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats - and inspire others to achieve their own dreams and life aspirations. To watch some amazing films, please visit Dream Racer TV at https://ondemand.dreamracer.tv

Somewhere Else Tomorrow, Daniel Rintz

Somewhere Else Tomorrow Wins Best Feature Film Award

Somewhere Else Tomorrow won the "Best Feature Film Award" at the Tokyo Motorcycle Film Festival since it began streaming on Dream Racer TV. It is the story of...
Nick Sanders, Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man

World Record Holder Nick Sanders Latest Film

Nick Sanders is a British bicyclist, motorcyclist, pilot, author, world record holder, and film maker who is noted for his long-distance riding. By Steve McDowall For those...
Dakar Rally

Dream Racer, How it All Started!

Dream Racer started like pretty much any idea, without a clue of what we were getting ourselves into, sounds familiar? by Christophe Barriere-Varju. I thought I'd...
Australian Documentary Film Dream Racer Wins 9th Award

Australian Documentary Film Wins 9th Film Award

Australian Documentary Film Wins 9th Award and becomes the most awarded motorcycle movie in history. Christophe Barriere-Varju won the hearts of worldwide fans when he...

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