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2019 marks the 41th Edition of the legendary Dakar Rally.

toby price accident dakar2021

Dakar Rally 2021 Highlights | Bikes

Dakar Rally Bikes: Stage 12 Highlights Video #DAKAR2021 - Stage 12 - Stage 12 - Yanbu / Jeddah - Bike/Quad Highlights https://youtu.be/pEp0NWUw7Ro Stage ranking - Bike: 1...
Dakar Rally Deal with it

Dakar Rally: What Do You Do When Things Go Wrong?

The Dakar Rally only constant is that something will happen and you better be ready to deal with it, whether it is a mechanical,...
Could you race the Dakar Rally?

Could You Race the Dakar Rally?

Racing the Dakar Rally requires a lot of different skills, riding skills, physical skills, mental skills, and emotional skills. You don't acquire these skills...
Marc Coma

Marc Coma No longer Sporting Director of Dakar Rally

After a fantastic route for the 40th Edition of the Dakar Rally, Marc Coma a five-time winner of the rally on bikes, steps down...
Carlos Sainz Podium

Dakar Rally: Top Moments

Check out some of the top moments from the 40th Edition of the Dakar Rally. https://youtu.be/1tMLtaSpm3Y Best of Bikes - Dakar Rally 2018   https://youtu.be/p-BEKWj8sfk Best of Quads -...
dakar rally TV coverage 2019 videos

[VIDEOS] Dakar Rally TV Coverage & Fan Videos 2019

Live and Relive the 2019 Dakar Rally TV Coverage for 2019 and exclusive fans moments videos. The 2019 Edition of the Dakar Rally began on...
How to Prepare for the Dakar Rally

How to Prepare for the Dakar Rally

How to prepare for the Dakar Rally or a World Rally event is like nothing else. Christophe Barriere-Varju in the Dakar Rally You may have heard...
Dakar Rally, Rest Day

Dakar Rally: Rest Day, Really? Not for Everyone

The day of rest in the Dakar Rally offer competitors a pause in the race against time. But is it really a day of...
Ricky Brabec Wins Dakar Rally Saudi Arabia

Ricky Brabec Wins Saudi Arabia Dakar Rally

RICKY BRABEC WINS DAKAR RALLY IN SAUDI ARABIA No Doubt, the First of Many! Ricky Brabec who retired from the 2019 Dakar Rally with a broken...
Adrien Van Beveren

The Heartbreaks of the Dakar Rally

Imagine the frustration if you have to pull out of the Dakar Rally for injury or mechanical, or for whatever reason. Imagine if you...

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