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Portuguese Racer, Paulo Gonçalves dies in the 2020 Dakar Rally

Portuguese Racer, Paulo Gonçalves dies in the 2020 Dakar Rally

Paulo Gonçalves, racing on motorbike no. 8, has passed away from a fall sustained 276 kilometres into today's special. The organisers received an alert...
Dakar Rally 2018

How to Start Racing the Dakar Rally?

The start of the Dakar Rally is very complex for many reasons. Racers are still 'a bit cold' and not really in race mode...
lawrence hacking interview paris dakar

An Interview with Lawrence Hacking, Dakar Rally Racer

Lawrence Hacking has been a motorcycle racer since 1971, he has raced the 21-day long 2001 Paris Dakar Rally and was the first ever...
Africa Race | Monaco - Dakar | 2024

Africa Race 2024 (Monaco – Dakar): Latest Results

AFRICA RACE | MONACO - DAKAR To start off the year 2024 on a high note and mark the beginning of the 15th edition of...
Dakar Rally Dates 2024

Dakar Rally 2024: On the Inside

The fifth and 2024 edition of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia promises to push man and machine harder than any of the previous ones....
Dakar Rally Deal with it

Dakar Rally: What Do You Do When Things Go Wrong?

The Dakar Rally only constant is that something will happen and you better be ready to deal with it, whether it is a mechanical,...
2019 Dakar Rally - 100% Peru

2019 Dakar Rally Route

The 2019 Dakar Rally will begin in Peru and end in... Peru. A total of 10 stages is on the menu for the participants. After...
Dakar Rally Trophy

Dakar Rally: And the WINNER is…

After a grueling 9,000km the winners of the 40th Edition of the Dakar Rally are the ones that have made the least amount of...
Dakar Rally Briefing

Let the Dakar Rally Race Begin

The race dubbed the most difficult and dangerous race on earth is about the begin. Welcome to the 40th Edition of the Dakar Rally...

Monaco to Dakar Rally – Africa ECO Race 2020

You will be racing or watching the original race authenticity with the Monaco - Dakar Rally with the incredible landscape and tracks Africa has...

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