Dakar Rally
Simon Lee & Christophe Barriere-Varju at the Dakar Rally

Dream Racer started like pretty much any idea, without a clue of what we were getting ourselves into, sounds familiar? by Christophe Barriere-Varju.

I thought I’d quickly share with you some of the background story on the making of Dream Racer. At that time little did we know the film will be on its way to win 10 International Awards and become the most awarded motorcycle film of all time!

I am no actor, and Simon was no film maker – a perfect recipe for disaster. So when we went around asking people for support, Simon regarding production and pre-sales, and myself chasing sponsors to actually make the race saying “We are making a film called Dream Racer, would you like to come on board and help us?” Well, I think you know the answer to that question!

A BIG FAT NO from pretty much anyone, including producer, distributors, sponsors, and a lot of time wasted.

As you will discover in Dream Racer, that BIG FAT NO made us even more determined to show that anyone with a dream could accomplish anything, and the story you will watch is not about Christophe or Simon, it is the story of everyone, and this is exactly why independently produced film Dream Racer has been receiving so many awards, 10 in total as I type this and a bunch of other film nominations.

Not only we had a film in the end, but we were proud to say it was a GREAT FILM. If you have not read viewers testimonials, please do so when you get a moment at http://www.dreamracer.tv/testimonials and feel free to share this link as well.

When we started filming, there was no story plot to follow as we had no idea what the story was going to be. I asked Simon Lee (Film Producer), what exactly he wanted me to record, and he said “record everything” and I immediately thought “Great, he knows what he is doing :/”

Simon Lee at the Dakar Rally
Simon Lee at the Dakar Rally

Despite being a successful adman — i.e. creating award winning 30s ads that no one wants to watch 😉 Dream Racer was Simon’s first feature film. Knowing that he was good at his job, I thought he was the man for this project and my brief to him was to “collate 93 minutes of 30s ‘ads’ into a full feature film that will leave people inspired” – pretty straightforward as a brief no?

We both went on carrying a camera with us 24/7 and recording events as they unfolded, including some of our conversations and frustrations toward one another as we are both two very different individuals with a different view on life, and risks.

The original name for the film was ‘Freedom Racer’. The name came from Simon’s t-shirts he had made a few years back called ‘Freedom Brothers’, and a yet to be published personal biography book of me by Lisa Smith called ‘Business Racer’.

However, the brief to Simon was to create an inspiring account of pushing oneself to achieve a dream, and for many years I had signed racing autographs with the words “Dreams Do Come True” – so I changed the name of the film to Dream Racer which was much more appropriate for the film.

As I said before, I am not an actor and Simon was learning along the way to be a film maker, but we had dreams, passion and determination on our sides. When you watch Dream Racer those are not rehearsed scenes and scripts. Pretty much every scene was shot only once, except when I forgot to press RECORD or when the batteries died half-way through recording. So what you will watch are scenes as they were filmed the first time, without TAKE 2.

We had more than 300 hours of footage filmed on 9 different camera formats. The first version of Dream Racer was 10 hours long, I was pretty happy with that but Simon thought it was too long (sic). The next version was 3 hours long and still had to be cut down.

The final version of Dream Racer is 93 minutes long, the editing done by Adrian Back is phenomenal, not only that, but he managed to create a seamless HD quality from all the different cameras we had. The editing was so good that Dream Racer was nominated for Best Edited Film in Australia.

Next came the music. When you watch Dream Racer (perhaps a second or third time), please pay particular attention to the music. Every single music track has been composed from scratch especially for Dream Racer. A few tracks were composed in Australia and the majority of it was done in Los Angeles by Matteo Zingales who composed the music for DreamWorks Megamind and the Saint. The music is so good that we will release the Music Soundtrack in the future.

Being our first film, Simon and I wanted it to be excellent. The story of Dream Racer is timeless, it is something that touches all of us as individuals, young and old, men and women. The story is about reaching for your dream at all cost, whether it is to race the Dakar, climb a mountain, travel, become a singer — whatever that dream might be. It is about Dreams, Determination, and Resilience, and it is the reason why Dream Racer won so many awards worldwide and receive such positive testimonials.

Dakar Rally Film
Simon Lee and Christophe Barriere-Varju at the Dakar Rally

A lot of sacrifices have been made to make this film and are being made to promote it so that audiences all around the world can watch Dream Racer. This is not a Hollywood production with million dollars marketing budget, and we rely on every one that purchased the film through our website to let their friends know about it.

My personal request is once you have watched Dream Racer, please tell EVERYONE you know, as every DVD or Apparel sale will help fund the next story!

If you are yet to watch Dream Racer, I am certain that you will enjoy our story, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. But for now, make sure to let people know, and if I could ask you (if you managed to read this long article up until now) to share this article on social media, friends and families that will be great. This will help us in proving that we don’t need a big Hollywood budget to bring great and true stories that positively impact all of us on everyone’s screen.

Whether you have watched Dream Racer or yet to watch it, please drop us a comment below.

Many Thanks!



DREAM RACER (The Film) has now won 10 Film Awards Worldwide and is Internationally acclaimed by its viewers around the globe. DREAM RACER is available on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD Stream including the following subtitles:

| Espanol | Portuguese | Italiano | Francais | Deutsch | Pусский |

“When you’re chasing a dream, you can’t ever stop believing. Dream Racer is an inspiring account of the fear of life going by unfulfilled and the pursuit of dreams as the antidote to this fear.”


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