Inspiring movies to watch this summer
Inspiring movies to watch this summer

Movies are always a great way of passing the time in the summer. Who doesn’t enjoy watching beautiful, inspiring movies in the warm comfort of summer days? 

However, for some people, there is something even better than whatever latest feature film Hollywood can conjure up: true, real-life, breathtakingly inspiring documentaries about real people doing incredible things!

Truly, there is something to be said about the value of such great documentaries. Whether it be for motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy the freedom of riding to the sunset, or anybody who believes that life is for the living, and should, therefore, be lived to the fullest, watching a great documentary can be a truly life-changing experience.

Every day more and more people are coming to the realization that life is short, and that there´s really no better time than the present to reach your goals in life. This is especially true for people who are avid fans of outdoor activities such as motorcycles, triathlon, mountain climbing, etc…. but it´s also applicable to anyone who wishes to seize their opportunity to reach beyond their comfort zone, and to accomplish something noteworthy and beautiful in life.

If you enjoy watching fresh documentaries about amazing people accomplishing amazing things, then you definitely need to check out Dream Racer TV ( It´s an online on-demand video streaming platform specialized in beautiful and inspiring real-life documentaries. Motorcycle movies, dirt bike documentaries, triathlon… there is truly something for everyone!

If you´re wondering what are some inspiring movies to watch this June 2018, you might want to give these five documentaries a look. They are guaranteed to be eye-opening and inspiring beyond belief.

Top Five Inspiring Movies for this Summer On Dream Racer TV

#5 Riding Morocco, Chasing The Dakar (FREE).

This wonderful documentary follows two bikers (Christophe Barriere-Varju and Laura Csortan) as they attempt to complete the most notoriously difficult and legendary biking challenge, retrace the tracks of the legendary off-road race known as the Dakar Rally.  Their travel will take them across Morocco in North of Africa, through breathtaking landscapes, and right into the very heart of the Sahara. What can only be described as the trip of a lifetime is what this documentary is all about!

#4 Sheer Will

The amazing story of Michael Groom, the mountaineer who lost a third of both his feet in 1987. In spite of this, by 1990 he was already climbing Mount Everest! Against all predictions, this man truly did face insurmountable odds. Even after those events, Michael has been part of many historic (and tragic) events, such as the 1996 expedition to Everest where all but two members perished (himself included).  If there ever was a story about overcoming obstacles, this is it.

#3 The Ultimate Triathlon

Luke Tyburski set out to prove all the doubters and nay-sayers wrong when he decided to face the most extreme endurance challenge perhaps ever conceived. Despite his life-altering injury, and against the advice of almost everybody around him, he undertook the enormous task of completing the daunting 2,000 km long triathlon, from Morocco to Monaco, through Spain and France – in just 12 days. The ultimate proof of will, and the ultimate test of faith in himself. Luke´s story must be seen to be believed.

#2 Somewhere Else Tomorrow

This is a unique documentary concept if there ever was one. Follow the story of Daniel Rintz in Somewhere Else Tomorrow, a young man who decided to undertake the journey of a lifetime, by traveling around the world on his motorcycle… with no money! Rather waiting to save money to fulfill this lifelong dream of his, he decided instead to just leave and make the money he needs as he goes. This certainly makes the journey that much more eventful and unpredictable, but also more memorable and poignant.

#1 Dream Racer 

The most awarded unscripted motorcycle documentary of all time, it has been broadcast on Discovery World and FOX International to great acclaim. It is also the only film ever made about the Dakar rally to have won an award, and it has won ten international awards! Taking a very gritty, no-manufactured approach to documenting the notoriously difficult Dakar rally, known as the world´s most dangerous motorsport race, Dream Racer takes the viewer on a furiously exciting journey to the limits of the imagination, and beyond what´s possible. A rare documentary for its touching power to change lives, you will experience a new sense of possibility and wonder, once you witness the endeavor of reaching beyond the edge of who we are.

You can watch all these films and more on Dream Racer TV.


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