Marc Hauser - Jet Stream Superman
Marc Hauser - Jet Stream Superman

Book Marc Hauser as your Motivational Speaker for your upcoming conference or event.

Standing at 2 meters tall, Marc Hauser is afraid of height…all day long. Yet, this motivational speaker is the world record holder of horizontal free-fall with over the ground speed reaching 304km/h flying over entire cities in a skydiving suit without wings.

Marc Hauser’s new documentary film – CHASING THE JET STREAM – is being captured by renowned filmmaker, Claudio von Planta who filmed Star War actor Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Charley Boorman in the famous Long Way Around and Long Way Down film documentaries.

Marc Hauser is a true multi-talent. He founded erfolgswelle, an international naming agency. He also sets world records in flying over entire cities in free fall – with vertigo. In his belief, the principle of achieving your goals and living your dreams is always the same, no matter if it’s adventure or business. Hauser reminds us of the forgotten parts of our inner selves, and with his implementation expertise, knows how to revive them.

In the power of naming your dreams, Marc talks about the importance to name them, to give them life and purpose, and more importantly to live them.

Marc is creating a name to his dream, the ‘jet stream superman.’ How will he do this? By climbing aboard a hot air balloon up to 10,000 meters altitude, and jumping into the earth jet stream —  that are fast flowing, narrow air currents used by commercial airlines.

But more importantly, Marc Hauser goals are much more than being a world record holder or fighting his own fear of height, his main objective is to create an awareness about the natural source of wind power that is sitting just above our head, untapped.

“I wish you the courage to name your dreams” Marc Hauser.

Speaking Topics include:

New courage: “Hero-maker” – How you can find the courage to reach your own potential. Where your “inner adventurer” lives. How you can handle stumbling blocks. What happiness research says about lottery winnings and paraplegia. Why the readiness for grand failure is the prerequisite for success. And why a pure focus on flow can become a failure.

Breaking down borders, daring to do something new, and making progress: these are my topics. For this, you must know how to handle the setbacks that help us grow. Among other things, Marc engages the audience with two interactive experiments on the topic of creativity and innovation.

Naming as the key – I will show the audience how purposeful naming of your own intentions can lead to success. As the owner of an international naming agency, I know the effect when projects suddenly have names; then the life comes into a project.

Book Marc Hauser as your Motivational Speaker for your upcoming conference or event.


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