Steve Butler
Steve Butler

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After traveling extensively in my early twenties, I made the first of many conscious choices in my life to commit to a life of service. This came about after a particularly enjoyable stint in the ski fields of Colorado where I realised life was going to get very messy for me if I didn’t get my act together! I still remember the night I chose to start living out my highest potential. The very next day I broke my shoulder that would take another two years to mend. Upon returning to New Zealand to have surgery on my shoulder my doctors discovered that I had a tumor in my throat. I have since experienced many peoples lives go through these defining moments when they make similar choices.

A further 26 years on, I have studied, worked, taught, laughed, cried and quit too many times to remember. I have found my place in the world as a teacher and supporter for those who seek to find their greatest potential. I have been blessed to study under some of the very best teachers in the world. Not because of the letters after their names, titles or fame but because of their love and compassion. I have had the honor to work with some of the bravest souls who walk this earth, Athletes who have given their lives to stand on the world stage, children facing terminal illness, business women who face the vulnerability of living a more authentic feminine life in the masculine world of commerce. I have worked with politicians struggling with the weight of responsibility upon their shoulders whilst their egos battle for air time. I work with normal people who just want a better life through to quite extraordinary individuals who struggle every day to be understood.

For seven years I lived what would be considered a very normal life in the outside world in economic development for local and national govt. agencies, whilst living a very private life as a monk in the world. It took these seven years for me to realise that I was committed to leading the life as a monk only for my teacher to inform me that he wished that I would not ordain but to work in the world as a teacher, not even as a Buddhist teacher, sharing what I had learned without title, label, dogma or expectation of outcome. I left, studied psychology specialising in the how color affects the conscious and subconscious ‘self’ and now use color and creativity as an outlet for excellence. It took another seven years of meditation, study and real world experience to hone my skills, trip regularly, fall often, pick myself up and learn to communicate what I know in a logical way to those who are Ready, Willing and Able to benefit from all I have and continue to learn.  The essence of what I teach is how to transition from operating from purely thinking/doing states of consciousness to feeling/being states and then integrating them as one consciousness in the world, for self first, and then in service to others. I assist people in building new pathways of understanding that transcend traditional intellect driven techniques for mastering skills.

I have developed a framework that helps people achieve perspective but the real power of what I offer is the experiential learning that takes place. This is where the real magic happens. Most clients will hopefully rave about their experience working together, but because their experience is so unique to them, they will as they have always done, struggle to articulate the process. This is because to achieve what they have is beyond the conscious intellect. What they are all learning is a more integrated way to achieve success. I do not profess to qualifications but have studied now for many years. I make no claims as to what I offer as the work speaks for itself. I do not seek to convince nor convey any dogma, everyone who decides to engage my services does so with the understanding that they are doing so out of self awareness and self responsibility. I hold a lantern for those entering the often dark and scary world of the unknown. I can’t walk it for you but I can hopefully light the path.


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